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June 7, 2011

Otherwise Normal Classical DJ

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My very first KUSC blog addressed the issue of off hours activities. Well, I’m still spending Tuesday nights with three other guys as we plow our way through the Beatles catalog and whatever else catches our ears. And sometimes the connections with my KUSC job are – how shall I say it – imaginative. Take next Wednesday night (June 15).

Some months I hosted an event for the San Fernando Valley Symphony. Before the evening started I started swapping tall tales with the orchestra’s music director James Domine. It turns out that both of us like to play rock ‘n roll in our spare time. It also turns out that the orchestra hosts a music night every Wednesday – at the bar of a bowling alley. No, really. Anyhoo, Jim asked if my band would like to play there sometime and I checked with the guys. They said sure.  We arranged for an evening in March, and it all went swimmingly – so much so that the maestro invited us back as soon as possible. As soon as possible turned out to be next Wednesday.

I’ve described my rock ‘n roll efforts as being akin to a dog walking on its hind legs. It may not do it well, but the fact that it even tries is at least worth noting. The others in the band (Rob, Barry and Juse) are actually quite talented and they indulge me playing lead on Roll Over Beethoven. Throughout our gigs I also play rhythm guitar and keyboards. I also sing lead because, well, someone has to.

If you’re at all interested in the idea of a dog walking on its hind legs (while singing Lennon and McCartney), you are invited to join us on the 15th at the Canoga Park Bowl in Winnetka between 8 and 10 pm. It is a very, very small room,  so don’t expect to dance (or hear yourself think) but do prepare to be mildly amused.  We keep out a tip jar and I’ve been told the proceeds go to support the San Fernando Valley Symphony.  Having said that, admission is quite free.

All of the info is on the band’s web site –

See you then, if you dare, dude.

– Rich Capparela

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